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      I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Morgan State University where I also worked as music director and On-Air Announcer for radio station WEAA.

     My play, “Grandma Loved Roses”, won Baltimore’s WMAR-TV’s (channel 2) Drama Competition for Black Writers, and was televised in 1985.

     I appeared on “Geraldo”, & “Rolonda” (twice) and various other television talk shows for promotion of my book; “Black Survival in White America: From Past History to the Next Century” , (which is available from the author) (Published under the name: Jeanette Davis-Adeshote’.

     I was guest on multiple radio shows throughout the country and lectured in many venues promoting High Self-Esteem in people of color and self-determination and self-sufficiency (national bookstores, churches, private organizations, universities, benefits, etc.). I  presently publish under the name Jeanette Davis.

     My books, “The Great Divide Between Blacks & Whites” & “Black, Just Like My Mama” are available on: Barnes & Noble, and
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"The Great Divide Between Blacks & Whites"

"If Blacks & Whites truly become serious about solving the race problems in America, this book is honest enough to lay out the most profound problems that need be addressed.  Someone must have the intestinal fortitude to not only reveal the awful cancer growing within America's vital organs, but to bear the stench of it while performing laborious surgery to remove it for the survival of us all."

Racism is an ongoing threat to the longevity of not only Blacks in America, but all peoples around the globe. We must remove racism from our midst. 

If not us, whom? If not now, when?

"Black, Just Like My Mama"

"Black, Just Like My Mama" clearly defines the relationship between all mothers and daughters whose eyes reflect each others hopes, dreams and aspirations while bridging the generation gap with love, understanding and inner peace.

Sometimes it's a tedious journey."

The most wonderful thing about being a black author is the undeniable spiritual need  to find and relate truth to the masses of people throughout the world who do not understand our people, nor our struggle against white supremacy.

"Black Just Like My Mama"

A mother & daughter’s struggle to unite and fight to survive through all of the turbulence of life. But, this is not just our story. It is every woman's story. Everyone will see some part of his or her lives portrayed if they have ever felt a feeling, dreamed a dream and lived a life full of hopes. But, what happens when rape, murder and abuse get in the way?

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