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"A writer writes about what they see and experience around them.

A good writer writes in depth about the same things with eloquence.

A great writer has a global perspective, tests the pulse of the planet, makes a diagnosis and writes a prescription." 


©1997 Jeanette Davis

Black History Facts

"No man is safe when freedom fails,

The best men rot in filthy jails,

While those who cried "appease, appease"

are hung by those they tried to please"

Hyron Main



(1st Black President of the United States of America

"I'm not the president of black America. I'm the president of the United States of America." When asked about criticism that he hasn't done enough to help minority-owned businesses, he said, "The programs that we have put in place have been directed at those folks who are least able to get financing through conventional means, who have been in the past locked out of opportunities that were available to everybody."

President Barack Obama

Abraham Lincoln and slavery

President Abraham Lincoln stated

on Aug. 22, 1862:


 "If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves, I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone, I would also do that. What I do about slavery and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union.


     I have here stated my purpose according to my view of official duty; and I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men every where could be free."

Published Books

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When I look in the mirror,
I see eyes of Black old women,
young women, and girl babies

A look of knowing the pain,
joy, and strength of just
being human
They possess the loins of
ancient Candacian Queens
battling to assure their existence
Their blackness is in God's image
for the Creator's delight
They are clothed in mysteries never known
to anyone but them
They feel my pain from their own
Above it all, we know each other
well-- it's in the eyes
My sisters somewhere inside themselves
know the plan
They innately sense when patience
is a strategy, when action,
a must
Through the eyes in my mirror,
dreams are moving into fruition
dreams of "doin' what I want to now"
Hathor, the Great Mother of all
woman am I
I am she who taught the earth it
could give birth
From my deepest sensual being came
Kings and Queens
From my mind, I give strength to a
Raising them up from ignorance
to reasonable thought
I have flowered the world with beauty
from the blackest to total loss of
I kissed the Sun with prayers of love,
and I received planted human seed astutely
I have been wise in choices, until rape
changed the plan
Still I move stealthily doing as I
must for the survival of all
These eyes have seen Osiris, and Horus
is a familiar sight
Men seek dark mysteries in my
They search in primitive places for
contemporary answers
While my mind has all they seek

Home to Mother Africa
My heart thrives to the tempo
of the drumbeat
Back to the inner "knowing"
Back to the promise made long
ago as I kissed her earth upon
my uprooting
Back to who I am, Why I am
and forever will be

Without me, the earth would grow pale
and unfeeling
The rivers would cloud in need of my
The tempestuous souls of "The People"
would lose faith
Without me, Life would be a void and

I     AM    A    MUST
When I look in the mirror
I see the body of Isis
Black as coal I stand
The blacker, the silkier to the touch
My sleekness is as a stallion in the wild
Moving like a lynx, purring when content
naturally loving until pained
There was a time I anointed my
body with precious oils
enjoyed ornaments of gold upon my
velvety skin
To touch my skin is to journey into the
deepest abyss of the origin of womanhood
My mirror empowers me with vivid vision
of what I possess
My body reflects ultimate resentment to
unnatural allegations of inferior being
My mirror shows me knees unable to bend
in the mind
My tongue is sore from containment
My feet spread wide for the journey,
are ridiculed
My hair is uniquely mine
They provide tools for its destruction
I will not comply
My full succulent lips are worshipped
They want them too, but pale shall not
have this reward naturally
My cheekbones are proud, structured
as finely chiseled stone, unrelenting
and firm

My breasts stand out proudly
expressing their fullness of purpose
My back is strong to bear the burden
My spirituality is who I am
It sculptured my physique for
survival in a desert of ignorance
to self
The drum is my heartbeat
Sister Nina told me that
It was in her eyes too
The sister who's just like me
I stilI stand tall within the Creator's
For I came from the first mold of humankind
I am the mother of all
The original creation that mankind wishes
to deny
But only through me can mankind validate itself
© 1995

We Must First Love Self

        When we, collectively as a people, see our natural beauty as beautiful, then, and only then will our eyes open to all of the God-given possibilities and responsibilities that are on our shoulders as the first humans to walk the earth, to correct ALL of the evils that exist on this planet. But, as long as we see only the beauty in others and what they possess as worthy, we will forever be relegated to the slave mentality that engulfs us.


​​© 2013 by Jeanette Davis. 

Why Did You Make Me Black, Lord ?
Author : RuNett Nia Ebo

(Tribute to the Black Man)
Look at your skin
It's as black as coal
Once men and women
adorned it with gold
Look at your nose
It's spread wide on your face;
Look at ancient art
see your rightful place
Look at your hands
they belong to you
and there's nothing they
haven't and cannot do
Look at your body
Black man, check it out
You are perfectly sinewed
No one else has that clout
Look inside your mind
You created all there is
Then HE stole it all
and now says it's his
Look what he's done
now that he has it all
It's beginning to crumble
It's doomed for a fall
Look at your woman
through brand new eyes
She is the treasure
She is the prize
Look how he's used her
our colors are legion
There is a need
There is a reason
Look at her skin
Black velvety smooth
She rebounds from each fall
indestructive she's proved
Look at your history
She wore crowns of gold
You worshipped her grandeur
Her name was Hathor, we're told

Look at the lust
HE has for her
He denies it's love
And it's she HE prefers
Look towards Nubia
to find what went wrong
Find out the truth
about where you belong
Look all around you
and it'll be made clear
That you are the father
of all that is there
Look inside your soul
where God makes HIS home
and you'll understand
where I'm coming from
Look at Perfection
That's what you're all about
Don't take it from me
Go ahead, check it out!
© 1995


(The following is not for anyone to believe, or disbelieve.  Rather, it is just for all to consider and ponder.)

In order to understand what love is, we must first understand who we are.

It has been suggested by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin that;
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) )

I would rephrase that to say,
“We are not born humans to have spiritual experiences.
We are spirits born to MASTER the human experience.”

    We have seven aspects of our humanity; our thoughts (or mind), emotions, and the five senses of touch, feel, taste, hearing and sight. Everything that we experience in the flesh is from those seven aspects.  There is an eighth however that has nothing to do with our humanity.  The eighth is the SPIRIT. ​​


If I were to give an analogy, I would compare our seven human aspects to a car that is an inanimate object.  Every part of it is comprised of energy as all things are, but by itself, it cannot move or place itself into operation.  It would take someone or something to start it up, put it into motion and utilize all of the features it offers, such as the windshield wipers, radio, GPS system, air conditioning, heat, etc.

​     Our human bodies are the same with only the seven aspects of thoughts, emotions, and the five senses.  Something must propel our bodies into motion, animate it, and bring alive all of the functions of the seven aspects.  The Spirit is that motivating force.

     If we believe in God, and this being a predominately Christian country, we have been instructed through the Bible, that God created us with dust and blew His Spirit into us to give us life.  That Spirit is what motivates us and enables us to utilize and maximize our thoughts, emotions, and the five senses to do as God instructed us to do, and that is to take dominion over the earth. 

     Taking dominion over the earth means that we are the most powerful entities upon the face of the earth.  Somehow we have let circumstances and situations within the environment control us and toss us to and fro.  This was never God’s plan for us. We are suppose to confront circumstances and situations, evaluate them, see them for what they are, filter them through our Spirits (connection with God), master the seven aspects of our humanity, and then and only then can we take control of the environment and everything in it. 

     When we master our thoughts, we transform them to God’s ideals, not man’s or the world.  We do not give place for negativity to fester within our minds.  We rebuke and refute all that is not of goodness until our thoughts are not in accordance with self-destructive activities.

     When we master our thoughts, we take control of our emotions that play tag with our thoughts.  We see things more clearly and to the core of the problem, situation, person, etc., thus not allowing ourselves to be carried away by emotional trauma. 

When we master the five senses, this means we have filtered everything though our Spiritual selves and NOTHING can filter through what we see, hear, taste, feel and touch that can cause us to be swayed to harm ourselves, or others.

     The seven deadly sins of Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth are ironically channeled through the seven aspects of our humanity of thoughts, emotions, and the five senses. When we master all seven aspects of our humanity, we are in accord with God’s Ten Commandments.  The commandments can now be seen as the guide for us to master the seven aspects of our human nature to keep us in tune to God’s plan for us, and His purpose for our lives in order for us to attain our highest potential as spiritual beings.  When we evaluate it all, we realize that it is all a challenge that we chose to undertake to show God that we can succeed.

     It is not an easy road to travel. We must fight on a daily basis to not allow ourselves to taste, smell, touch, listen to, feel, experience, and think about all of the pleasures that earth provides for us to immerse ourselves into.  Our human bodies yearn and crave to be fulfilled during this human experience. All of the pleasurable things that captivate us are challenges that can draw us into temptations that can lead to destruction of our humanity if we do not understand who we are, why we are here, and the purpose of it all.

Before we can understand what love is, we must first understand LUST.


     Lust is comprised of thoughts and the fives senses.  There is someone or something that is such a powerful force, that it consumes our minds and senses.  We tend to drag our emotions into the process, because our innate craving for love enables us to rationalize that it could be love, so we take the plunge.  Once consummated, we bask in the ecstasy of LUST, fulfilling ourselves over and over again.  In time, we realize that it is just another illusion, love does not reside in it and we lose interest as it wanes.  Having been introduced to LUST and its allure, we grow to understand what it is and how it operates to cast us into self-destructing behavior.  Hopefully, once will be enough to clue us in on how we can be enraptured by it, thus avoiding its grasp in the future.

     Now, WHAT IS LOVE?  Since LUST is comprised of thoughts and the five senses, and we tend to bring our emotions to bear, how can we discern the difference between it and love?  LOVE is not an emotion, as so many people have described it during our growth periods in life.  Emotion is but an offshoot, or subsidiary of love, the same as ecstasy.

     LOVE is the entirety of the SPIRIT within us. It is that motivating force that enables us to drive our bodies as in the analogy with the car.  Every human being on planet earth, who has a body, has LOVE driving it until there is no more life left in the body. It enables us to function every moment of our lives.  We experience many people in existence who have done such heinous things that we tend to think they are devoid of love.  They too have LOVE as the driving force, but do not allow LOVE to guide them through this human existence.  They have allowed situations, circumstances, people and a variety of negative motivations to take control of them, thus leaving them swaying in the wind and enclosed in the seven human aspects, blocking spiritual filtering of their behaviors and sense of being.

     LOVE is an entity unto itself.  We are required by God to love everyone.  He did not say we must like them.  We have to “handle some people with a long handled spoon”, as my Mom used to say.  We have to love them from a distance. But, how do we love them, when there are many kinds of love?

     "Storge love" is the natural bond between mother and infant, father, children, and kin. We love our relatives through thick and thin.

     "Agape love" is God's kind of love. It seeks the welfare and expressing the best for another person or persons no matter how we feel. It does not have feelings, or affection as its primary inspiration.

     "Phileo love" is a love of the affections. It is delighting to be in the presence of another, a warm feeling that comes and goes with intensity. It is not romantic love. It is more of a friendship love for best friends and others.

     Now, let’s get down to the one type of love that we all want to know about and want to understand thoroughly.  That love is Eros Love. 

     " Eros" Love is physical passion, gratification and fulfillment, or as some might label it, romantic love.

     This is the LOVE that captivates us the most and we search for it all of our lives.  It is the earth shattering,  “Shiver me timbers” kind of LOVE that renders us deliciously helpless.  When love hits us, it can only be compared to the “Big Bang” theory.  It “takes us for a loop”.  It “knocks us out”.  It “takes us by surprise” whenever it happens. 

     When LOVE does happen to us, we tend to say we are “falling in LOVE”, or have “fallen in LOVE” with someone.  When we say we are falling in love, it is simply a way of saying that we feel totally vulnerable, helpless, and we surrender all to the explosion that we think happens inside of our hearts because we feel the sensation at the core of our beings. 

     Actually, it is not taking place inside of our hearts.  It is within our SPIRITS that everything is happening.  The SPIRIT explodes with all of the love that it possesses because it is pure LOVE. It is drawing thoughts, emotions and the fives senses into that explosion of what we perceive as ecstasy but, is actually BLISS (total Happiness).  Both people bond as one spiritual being with all secrets, thoughts, and feelings, subconsciously blending together in intimacy (into-me-see, into-you-see).  We are seeing into each other’s spirits completely without hesitation, or reluctance.  The total surrender of all that is “ME, and all that is YOU”, together as one, has taken place at that moment.  There are no walls between us. We are one from this moment on. Or are we?

     This is the most profound state of total immersion of mind, body and SPIRIT. THIS IS LOVE PERSONIFIED. This is what we have all been searching for.  How did we know it exists? How did we know it could happen? The SPIRIT knows all that God has given us, and uses it.

     God has blessed us with this experience of total LOVE, but not without release valves.  He enables us to enjoy this explosive feeling of bliss. The power it generates could cause destruction to our bodies.  The sheer force of it could obliterate our human flesh, but God has given us a release valve. That release valve is what we call ORGASM.  Some people use this valve more than others, but that is another missive for another day.

     When that once in a lifetime love comes into one’s life, it doesn’t have to be in any particular way.  No one has control over whom they will fall in LOVE with. It can be a glance between two people from a distance.  It can be someone you just happen to meet on vacation.  It could happen anywhere, at anytime to any two of us. 

     LOVE will not be denied.  It seeks satisfaction and WILL be fulfilled at any cost.  There is nowhere to hide from it.  It will seek you out no matter how long it takes. It will bring two people together who are destined for the experience even if it is in the sunset of their lives. The explosiveness will be no less powerful, no matter what age it happens.  People have fallen in love at a young age, become separated, or were forced to separate due to others, or circumstances, to come together decades later by what may seem to be happenstance.  LOVE will not let anyone escape its grasp.  Once Cupid’s arrow has been released, the target must be hit sure and true beyond time and existence.

     Now that we have found Eros LOVE, experienced the pleasure, gone to the mountaintop of bliss, and found that one person in the world that loves us, how do we sustain and preserve it?

     To wake up in the morning, see the person you love beside you, should cause you to first thank God that there is someone in the world who loves you unconditionally.  Both individuals should be on one accord in this observation, and if not, talk about it. Throughout the day (not knowing whether this will be the last day on earth for either one of you), show each other love in touching, doing kind and nice things for each other like making a phone call just to check in on them to assure them and oneself that all is well. 

     There will be times of conflict, outside forces creating havoc, and psychological, emotional problems, and the five senses impacting on the relationship.  These things are all a part of living and being human. Just because people fall in love does not mean that they are completely compatible, see things the same way, or even like each other’s ways very much.  The key is to realize that now is the time to begin the grueling process of getting to know each other’s idiosyncrasies, frailties, habits, human weaknesses, and needs.  The NEEDS part is essential, because understanding each others needs and each person wanting to fulfill them is crucial for any relationship to last. This is where the foundation building begins.  This is where relationships test the LOVE between two people.

     When thoughts, emotions and the five senses cause partners, or a partner to betray the trust given them because of weaknesses, or “I have them. Let me see what else I can get into out there in the world”, without them realizing it, they are building a wall of secrets between each other.  Where LOVE has bonded them, removing all secrets, they have begun to erode that LOVE with deceit.  The partner of a cheating, or deceiving partner, recognizing that a wall has blocked their intimacy, will begin to make statements, or ask questions. “You are here, but you are not here”. “Is there someone else”? There is no escaping their inquiries because they are acknowledging that there is a wall developing or, has developed between them. This is why mastering thoughts (by transforming them), controlling emotions and the five senses are crucial in sustaining relationships without divides (walls separating), and the great LOVE that we have all craved.  Couples MUST always protect the intimacy (“into-me-see” and “into-you-see”), at all costs. That is the protective cocoon that lovers dwell in that causes love to last through all of the havoc and turmoil in life.

     Often we will hear couples say, “You can talk in front of him or her.  We have no secrets between us.”  They have broken the code and have found the key to long-lasting, secure and abiding love.  We can all have it if we are willing to put in the work to achieve it.

The only two things that our SPIRITS carry with them when we have taken our last breaths on earth are the loves that we have within our spirits that we have shared with others, and the love that others have poured into our spirits.  That LOVE we take back to God who IS LOVE!

LOVE IS!  It just IS!  God said, “I AM”.  God is LOVE!

​​​​                                             © 2012 by Jeanette Davis. ​​​​​