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“The most wonderful thing about being a black author is the undeniable spiritual need to find and relate truth to the masses around the world, who do not understand our people or our struggles against white supremacy.”

- Jeanette Davis

Born in Harlem, New York, Jeanette Davis is an award-winning writer on the African American experience and the world.  The search for answers has led her on a never-ending journey into books, libraries, and museums crisscrossing the globe. She has researched the origins of man, humanity and mankind, religion, law, and the educational and biological differences in


Ms. Davis received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Broadcast Journalism and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Morgan State University, where she also worked as Music Director and on-air announcer for radio station WEAA. She is also a veteran of the US Army Women’s Corp.

Her books have received praise and she was the winner of Baltimore’s WMAR-TV’s Drama Competition for Black Writers in 1985, that aired her play “Grandma Loved Roses”. She appeared on “Geraldo”, “Rolonda”, and various other television talk shows for
the promotion of her book; “Black Survival in White America: From Past History to the Next Century”. She was a guest on multiple radio shows in the U.S. and lectured in many venues.


Ms. Davis presently resides in the state of Georgia where she continues to concentrate on research and spiritual growth.

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