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​(Tribute to the Black Man)
Look at your skin
It's as black as coal
Once men and women
adorned it with gold
Look at your nose
It's spread wide on your face;
Look at ancient art
see your rightful place
Look at your hands
they belong to you
and there's nothing they
haven't and cannot do
Look at your body
Black man, check it out
You are perfectly sinewed
No one else has that clout
Look inside your mind
You created all there is
Then HE stole it all
and now says it's his
Look what he's done
now that he has it all
It's beginning to crumble
It's doomed for a fall
Look at your woman
through brand new eyes
She is the treasure
She is the prize
Look how he's used her
our colors are legion
There is a need
There is a reason
Look at her skin
Black velvety smooth
She rebounds from each fall
indestructive she's proved
Look at your history
She wore crowns of gold
You worshipped her grandeur
Her name was Hathor, we're told

Look at the lust
HE has for her
He denies it's love
And it's she HE prefers
Look towards Nubia
to find what went wrong
Find out the truth
about where you belong
Look all around you
and it'll be made clear
That you are the father
of all that is there
Look inside your soul
where God makes HIS home
and you'll understand
where I'm coming from
Look at Perfection
That's what you're all about
Don't take it from me
Go ahead, check it out!

 This Is How I Talk - Adele Givens

When I look in the mirror,
I see eyes of Black old women,
young women, and girl babies

A look of knowing the pain,
joy, and strength of just
being human
They possess the loins of
ancient Candacian Queens
battling to assure their existence
Their blackness is in God's image
for the Creator's delight
They are clothed in mysteries never known
to anyone but them
They feel my pain from their own
Above it all, we know each other
well-- it's in the eyes
My sisters somewhere inside themselves
know the plan
They innately sense when patience
is a strategy, when action,
a must
Through the eyes in my mirror,
dreams are moving into fruition
dreams of "doin' what I want to now"
Hathor, the Great Mother of all
woman am I
I am she who taught the earth it
could give birth
From my deepest sensual being came
Kings and Queens
From my mind, I give strength to a
Raising them up from ignorance
to reasonable thought
I have flowered the world with beauty
from the blackest to total loss of
I kissed the Sun with prayers of love,
and I received planted human seed astutely
I have been wise in choices, until rape
changed the plan
Still I move stealthily doing as I
must for the survival of all
These eyes have seen Osiris, and Horus
is a familiar sight
Men seek dark mysteries in my
They search in primitive places for
contemporary answers
While my mind has all they seek

Home to Mother Africa
My heart thrives to the tempo
of the drumbeat
Back to the inner "knowing"
Back to the promise made long
ago as I kissed her earth upon
my uprooting
Back to who I am, Why I am
and forever will be

Without me, the earth would grow pale
and unfeeling
The rivers would cloud in need of my
The tempestuous souls of "The People"
would lose faith
Without me, Life would be a void and

I     AM    A    MUST
When I look in the mirror
I see the body of Isis
Black as coal I stand
The blacker, the silkier to the touch
My sleekness is as a stallion in the wild
Moving like a lynx, purring when content
naturally loving until pained
There was a time I anointed my
body with precious oils
enjoyed ornaments of gold upon my
velvety skin
To touch my skin is to journey into the
deepest abyss of the origin of womanhood
My mirror empowers me with vivid vision
of what I possess
My body reflects ultimate resentment to
unnatural allegations of inferior being
My mirror shows me knees unable to bend
in the mind
My tongue is sore from containment
My feet spread wide for the journey,
are ridiculed
My hair is uniquely mine
They provide tools for its destruction
I will not comply
My full succulent lips are worshipped
They want them too, but pale shall not
have this reward naturally
My cheekbones are proud, structured
as finely chiseled stone, unrelenting
and firm

My breasts stand out proudly
expressing their fullness of purpose
My back is strong to bear the burden
My spirituality is who I am
It sculptured my physique for
survival in a desert of ignorance
to self
The drum is my heartbeat
Sister Nina told me that
It was in her eyes too
The sister who's just like me
I stilI stand tall within the Creator's
For I came from the first mold of humankind
I am the mother of all
The original creation that mankind wishes
to deny
But only through me can mankind validate itself
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