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Master Being Human

The technique within this book proposes a way to enable Man, Humans, and Mankind; all of humanity, if it has the desire and willingness to use it, to change the world by changing ourselves. It is a trying and difficult task, but everything throughout history that was worth changing for the better has endured such tests of will.

To Master Being Human takes dedication, determination, daily activation, knowledge of self, not relying on others to assist us, looking inward, asking ourselves questions, and answering them honestly for change to occur. To Master Being Human, we must have HOPE (“Hold onto Positive Energy”), wanting to master ourselves, not desiring to change others, taking responsibility for all our past and present actions (taking self-inventory), and creating present actions beneficial to us, others, and let go of all negative thoughts, words, and actions, and hold on to positivity through a process covered throughout this book.

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