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Soulful Journey:
The Business of Beings

Imagine human spirits totally transcending the five sensual domains of soft human flesh into total spiritual awareness. Transcending into places, no... Realms.
These are Realms where spirits gently flow through the essences of others charging, recharging, and infusing pure love throughout, unaware of differences for there are none.


Realms, void of earthly needs, wants and pressures...yet, awareness is total. New and evolving spirits seeking knowledge abound there. Wise spirits welcoming them are there by choice while others such as transitional spirits work constantly towards a unified goal. On the fringes, groups of spirits in various numbers cling together while moving through portals into the life realm. All spirits appear the same. They appear as wisps of pure love mists whistling through each other, gently flow evenly through light gray cumulus cloud tunnels. Each choosing needed growth experience and life scenario.

These are Realms where spirits exiting human life are thirsty, roving, rushing gusts of wisps, heading for unknown destinations. Suddenly, you know where they are headed now
because you are one of them.

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