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The Earth Is A Breathing Organism

The earth is alive. It’s a living organism whose true nature is peaceful, loving, Always impregnated, forever spewing forth beauty in every way, in every part of itself, be it the land, ocean, atmosphere and creatures, it brings forth and nourishes.

It is earth’s nature to continuously evolve into more spectacular, glorious, incredible creativity that mankind has yet to appreciate and understand.

It is earth’s inner nature to become what God has enabled it to give birth to. Mankind has no conception of what that is, and can be, because of his inability to know and understand self.

Earth is severely wounded from the outside in, by mankind's infliction upon it. The wounds are so deep, that it reacts violently to protect itself from further pain and destruction.

Undersea earthquakes creating tsunamis, above land floods, mudslides, territorial fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and severe weather changes are just a few signs that earth is suffering, and is protecting itself against further harm.

Will we save it, beginning now, or will we wait motionless until it shakes us from its surface in order to renew and refresh itself for the next crop of "unconscious careless beings" to inhabit it?

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