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Where is Wakanda from the movie “Black Panther”? Does it Really Exist?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Could Wakanda be a real hidden place somewhere in Africa, by another name? The people, scenery, ambiance, and futuristic display of excellence seems possible in today’s world, especially since the electronic advances in today’s society have been invented by black inventors and innovators, like the computer, cell phone, our ability to go into space and return safely, sail ships across the oceans, and so many, many other creations that have made life more comfortable and pleasant for everyone. Were these inventors sent to us from Wakanda to gradually lead us into the futuristic world it displayed?

All of the above are possibilities, but if nothing else, “Black Panther’s” Wakanda doesn’t need to be a physical place. It has become the mental stimulus, the seed planted within the minds of millions of black people, especially black children, that that kind of place is possible. The proof that the seed is blossoming will be how they now begin viewing the world with themselves being the creators of their future and the future of their people. They will be flooding into STEM (Science, Technology, Electronic and Mathematic) schools to express their new imaginary concepts, visions, and high self-esteemed reality gleaned from the movie, of what they CAN become. They will no longer see themselves through the eyes of the antagonistic persecutors within our society, but as the Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses that they truly are. Furthermore, the impact of the movie will also compel other races to see them differently, and no longer as “less than” to be relegated to the bottom of the human ladder.

No outside stimulus has ever created this kind of revolutionary self- evaluation. Never has the spirit of black folk been instantly catapulted to such heights. Why? Why now, and what is the reason for it?

God Is Elevating Us Quickly

Although Wakanda is the symbol of what is possible, it also gives us a blueprint of how to get there. In the film, the whole reason for Wakanda’s development was the people’s utilization of the Vibrainium that fell onto the planet. Because of this, they excelled by creating great inventions in the imaginary Wakanda.

Vibrainium is not necessary in reality. The results of what the idea of it has done to our people, is the stimulation within the mind. The impact that it has on the brain is today’s Vi-brain-ium (vibrant- brain -chemical= melanin).

Melanin has always been our creative, sustaining, powerful, unstoppable, long-lasting and protective “Vibrainium”. It has propelled us into greatness that no other race on this planet has performed. In spite of unbelievable destruction of our culture, family, religion, self worth, language, spirit, creation of self-hatred and slave mentality programmed by others during and after slavery which were insurmountable odds to keep us relegated to inferior status and no self worth, we have ARISEN, to show the world how to move into a technical age that would not be possible without us. We have proven that there must be a Wakanda somewhere because of our resilience. Our persecutors must believe it now also, after having watched the characters portrayed in “Black Panther”.

Wakanda does exist. It is a “place” that exists in our melanated minds, bodies and spirits. It exists, because had it not, The Moors (Moor = Black) would not have existed to show people’s in the world, unlike themselves, how they built all of the great castles, brought mathematics, clean living conditions, care for animals, education, and religious and ruling techniques to specifically Europeans who were ignorant and suffering (“Hidden Colors” DVDs).

Had Wakanda not existed in our minds, the great Kings and female Pharaohs who built “all” of the pyramids, would not have left the information of who they were, carved in stone for us to see today, to remind us of who we are as a people, and the greatness we carry within our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Our ancient African ancestors were the creators of medicine, law, 7 curriculums, religion, guides to spiritual growth, writing, libraries, etc, etc, etc.). (“When we have been told that we have created nothing in the world, and we learn who we are historically, we find that we have created everything in the world.” -Dr. Asa Hilliard-“Return to the Source, African Origins of Civilization”).

Wakanda is a “space” within all of our people that is constantly being filled with creations. All we need do is let the spirit within each of us be our guide. God, who made us in God’s likeness and image, has bestowed it within us, and now that the “Great Awakening” of our people is happening, we must be more guarded than ever, for the enemy is now, “more than ever”, determined to destroy us, and the melanin within us. This means we must be extra careful of everything we eat, drink, breathe, and participate in (“Get Out”). Self-preservation has never been more vital than it is today, as more sophisticated weapons are being used against us.

Yes, Wakanda does exist and Wakanda is within US! We are ALL Wakandans!!!

Thank you “Black Panther” for all the symbolism and truth!!!

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