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The wealthiest people in the world by society’s standards, are images held up for others to aspire to achieve. The wealthy have achieved great success in some way or were born into it.

They breathe the “rare air” of opulence, indulgence, and having everything they desire on the physical level available to them. The greater populace views them as being symbols of “greatness” they aspire to become for the treasures and access they appear to have on the worldly level. THEY are the prime examples of “having it all”.

No matter how wealthy they are, we still get news flashes that someone in this “world of great haves” has committed suicide, given wealth away, or lost their mind deep in drug induced stupors. WHY?


The people who aspire hero worship or have gained great fame through achievement/s are also magnets for those people wishing to obtain the same or higher level of notoriety. The famous among us are the extraordinary “Stars” that raise hopes of ordinary people that they too can grab the “Golden Ring” of success so they can be glorified, adored, and looked up to by millions of people. They too have fallen from great status. By the same swords as the wealthy. WHY?


No one wants to be castigated to this position in life, whether born into it, or regressed to it having lost wealth. This is considered the lowest position (besides incarceration) in all societies on planet earth.

The most basic of needs are desired. Clean water, food, clothing, shelter, and living wages are sought daily just to survive in a world of vast wealth that escapes their grasp. Many of them have given up using suicide, or destruction of others as their escape hatch from their dire condition. WHY?

Every category of human status has one thing in common. The one thing is the dependence on physical gratification of the five senses. We bask in our wants, needs and desires based on what we physically SEE, HEAR, TOUCH, SMELL, and TASTE. Those are our human sensors that steer us towards what we assume will bring us success in all we aspire toward and hope for through all we do to obtain and attain in life.

When we don’t get what we feel we deserve, we either give up or when achieved, are unfulfilled, and ask that inevitable question,


The answer is a resounding “YES”. That “IS” all there is when the most powerful “SUPERPOWER”, the most powerful energy within us is not seen or recognized as the “the SOURCE” that successfully guides us to fulfill all our needs, wants, desires, and accomplishments on the grandest and greatest of levels.


That is the “god” within, the energy base, the foundation of pure love, the engine that gives the human body the ability to be mobile and move around in our physical houses called “bodies”. It SHOULD be the guiding force giving direction to the physical human frame. Yet we ignore that most sacred part of us that is outvoted by our physical acclivities to satisfy unquenchable physical weaknesses that often end up being self- destructive.

When we MASTER our physical attributes, and let the spirit guide us, thn we truly understand what is meant by: “Transform your mind”, “Be in the world, but not of I,” and “Walk in the Spirit, and not in the flesh.

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