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Our House

All of us live in houses that are human bodies encasing our spirits. And our houses have been receptacles for pain, other people’s negative intrusions, and many other things that we all know we possess inside of ourselves. All of the good, and bad parts of us are used by us to deceive and, or ward off infiltrators. But the main occupant in all of our houses is the spirit, and that spirit is pure, unadulterated LOVE. We constantly shield it, throwing up walls, using deceptive ways to fortify it to prevent people from entering. We shield our vulnerabilities, keeping LOVE safely hidden away from all.

Our houses move around every day, unconsciously or consciously searching, for just one other house who is open totally to sharing true LOVE with us, without deception, without agendas, without manipulation, without control, without demanding we change for them. We want the pure exchange of LOVE, the spiritual bonding of LOVE, and that LOVE that surpasses all things, all lust, all attraction. For outer beauty means nothing. There is no ugliness where LOVE exists. When LOVE meets LOVE and comes together in pure LOVE, without walls or any kind of distraction, there is total mental, emotional, and spiritual bonding of the spirits of both houses. They both then realize that the physical body is nothing more than a conduit for LOVE to express itself completely.

LOVE is too powerful for us to possess it. It possesses us. We cannot control it. It controls us. We cannot ignore it. We run away from it, but it is always there, lurking, reminding us of its presence. Try to evade it, if you so desire.

LOVE will always seek its own satisfaction. We are just the vehicles for it to express itself totally. It pierces through our every defense.

Those of us, who understand it, grow in LOVE.

Those who do not understand it, fall in LOVE

They fall into an abyss of unknown emotions, unknown thoughts, unknown awareness of how powerful LOVE is. That’s why the sense of falling into something that is controlling them, instead of them opening up to something that can grow within them.

When they fall, they fall into something that they don’t understand. They fall into LOVE’s grasp with fear instead of allowing themselves to bask in the greatest emotion, the greatest gift of all. Once there, and enraptured and captured by LOVE, they finally realize what LOVE is. They realize that there’s no reason to run from it, but to be absorbed by it, and to run to it. They must learn to let LOVE have its way with them, for this is the true essence of spiritual bonding, and that greatest feeling that is gifted TO them, for them to experience while in human form.

So, let all of our houses be filled with the openness of LOVE’s energy. Let it flow outward from inside of us to other houses, and the world. Just let the LOVE flow from our houses removing all negative, useless and meaningless energies. Let LOVE’s energy that is the main ingredient within us, be the main ingredient flowing out of us, inoculating the world with this most needed food for the soul.

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